At Aeonian Ovia we’re not the kind to toot our own horn.

Wait… YES WE ARE!! If we don’t toot it, who will?

So here goes some rooting and tooting for our team! We pride ourselves on doing good for our clients.
Check out ways we’ve done well when we Breathe Life.

Celebrating Success


When approached by aerospace juggernaut Lockheed Martin to aid their annual awards program, we were excited, impressed, and humbled.  Each year, Lockheed’s EIS division holds a celebration of culture and triumph.

This particular year Aeonian Ovia was tasked to develop the brand for the ceremony and assist in messaging and imaging for the event’s marketing collateral. It was the perfect mixture of strategic and creative.
Here’s Some of What We Did:

  • Matched Brand Messaging with Business Personality
  • Oversaw marketing designs and copy
  • Aided in promotional strategies

Local Wins!


Taking a Semi-Pro team from local hero to national acclaim.

Working with the Phantoms, was probably some of the most fun we’ve had at Aeonian Ovia! This football team was in its purest form when we were approached by Owner Michael Torres. Although the team had been winning championships for years, they were newborns in developing a business strategy and branding the team. So, we started with what we do best, a full comprehensive assessment, followed by our 5-Star Brand Program. This was the start of something big!
Some Services We Provided:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Crafting Culture & Operations
  • Funding Strategy Formulation
  • Marketing and Publicity

Adding a Little R&D


Classroom lectures and student mentoring are not the only ways Aeonian Ovia has supported institutions of higher learning.  Pillars of continued education like Vanderbilt University advanced their goals and saw big wins inviting us to work in conjunction with their project management team.

We flexed our mental muscles by implementing efforts to enhance budget utilization, in addition to spearheading community initiatives such as their technology donation program.

Ways we Secured the Tech Advantage:

  • Aided Research and Development
  • Advanced IT Asset Tracking
  • Managed Reseller Selection Process
  • Built College IT Lifecycle Program

Creatively Strategic


Artists create the beauty of the world we live in.

When Aeonian Ovia was asked by founders to aid in the conceptualization, research, design, and presentation of the Beale Street Art Crawl, we were honored to join forces with their team.

To this day we are privileged to continue working with this organization, providing business development and strategy consulting to their vendors and artists.  From startup to making history, we supported this first of its kind event on world famous Beale Street and inside the historic Orpheum Theatre.

How we Promoted an Allure of Artistry:

  • Consulted Connection Strategy with City & State Officials
  • Coordinated Artist Engagement Efforts
  • Facilitated Publicity Efforts
  • Supported Event Management & Operations

Boogie Baby!


One of the first of its kind, Amaya Papaya Play Lounge is an indoor play place, strictly for children ages 0-5 years old. When introduced to the owner, her spirit grabbed our attention.

When asked what Aeonian Ovia could do for Amaya Papaya, we jumped at the
chance to implement a new layout for their lounge, create a strategy for attracting more daily traffic, and helping build the foundation for retail partnerships that boosted revenue. Oh and there was more, so much magnificent more!
Ways we Decided to Breathe Life:

  • Aided Budgeting and Financial Processes
  • Management Training
  • Fine Tuned Operational Procedures
  • Created & Implemented Visibility Strategies

Connecting Community


You want us to coordinate strategic initiatives for a conservative news talk radio station? No problem for Aeonian Ovia. Even when that station is the leader in its industry and has grown organically since it’s inception? Well yea, then too!

We had a blast helping WFLA Orlando connect to it’s many listeners in the community, all while developing initiatives to grow their base, and enhance engagement on-air, online, and on-site.

We worked hard for this team. We put forward our best in branding of course, but we also helped them develop new partnerships, solidify and expand existing ones, launch their social footprint, and so much more.
A Bit of the Magic We Produced:

  • Facilitated Ad Production
  • Created Social Media Launch Strategy
  • Managed Publicity Efforts
  • Initiated Community Connection Endeavors


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