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Startup Consulting Beyond the Ordinary

Starting a business is a daunting task. And of course everyone on the internet claims to know just how to make it easy. Well, we don’t make that claim. Our experts realize the answer to “what will make your startup iconic” is only found when we ask the right questions. Luckily, we’re fantastic at that.

Our teams have established a distinct formula… Okay, that’s not true. It’s what people say on websites. LOL – What we do have is experience developing the super divers aspects of a successful startup. We take companies from ideation to profitability.

Aeonian Ovia will clarify your brand messaging, help develop and streamline your company operations, offer support in coordinating marketing messaging and distribution channels, as well as coach your teams in networking, relationships, and sales.


The 5-Star Brand Program

There is nothing more important than your brand. This program helps you discover the "who" of your business so you can gain customer loyalty, market share, and greater conversions.

Foundations in Business Operations

A company’s operations are the backbone for their growth. Our consultants will conduct a full operations analyses, offering recommendations in systems, strategy, processes, and talent.

The Business Starter Kit

Begin your startup the right way with this collection of books, journals, workbooks, strategies, maps, and manuals. All you need to kickstart your journey and see success in your business, fast.

Perfecting Your Pricing

This 2-hour course will help you determine your value position, create winning proposals, and much more. Businesses face issues over determining their pricing sweet spot. We fix this.

take a peek behind the curtain...

Why Start a Business

Starting a business has become the new and trendy “thing” for everyone to do. But how do we know if we are starting a business for the right reasons? Your reason for starting a business can determine just how successful you ultimately are. Never start businesses as if you’re starting a new hobby. Begin strategically.



Calculate Capacity

First we get educated on you, discovering what’s working, what’s not and where you want to be. After a quick 5-Star brand, to understand your identity, we then select the best position for you to expand.


Set the Vision

Next, we develop the roadmap for your vision and create an Elite strategy just for you. We stimulate thinking and activity towards big wins, connecting all the dots to aim you towards your top goals.


Measure Resources

Now, it’s time we take it all and determine, what it will actually take to make your vision a reality. In this part of the process, we give special attention to your systems, identify needs and opportunities.


Loop & Deliver

One last loop to make sure we’re on target, and it’s time to deliver! Here we ensure the foundation, set accountability, and ignite the fire. You’re released to #BE the what you’ve been called to #BEcome.

we are Joy & Stefan,
Co-founders of
aeonian ovia

Experience you can trust; service like nowhere else; your executive thought partners!

Imagine your favorite superhero is fighting the bad guys. He’s doing well, but he can’t quite defeat the evildoers. Then… plot twist!

Your OTHER favorite superhero swoops in to join the fight against the powers of destruction and malice. This is Aeonian Ovia! We are two super forces merging to liberate your business and lead you towards success.  All while making the world a better place.

Get Stefan's Latest Book
The Elite Eight

I got so tired of the gurus giving you the same, lame, 5-steps to success. I was completely OVER looking up everyday and seeing another book focused on practices that wouldn’t give you the depth you really needed for success.

This ain’t one of those books! I promise!

This book is a discourse on entrepreneurship that may seem alien compared to what you’ve been taught. It goes beyond the simple decision to be an entrepreneur and teaches you the eight essential principles, that guarantee you will win, EVERY TIME!!


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