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Leadership is NOT about getting the “thing” done. Write that down so you don’t forget it. Leadership is about developing people in a way that drives them to be their best self… every time. Our leadership coaching gives you strategies to achieve this level of productive development, and thus achieve every challenge you face together. Scroll down. Click the button. Start today.


Becoming a Leader

Great leaders are great because they know how to advance their teams toward success. Our leadership coaching instructs individuals how to use their given talents, skills, and abilities to attract support and lead teams.

Developing High Performing Teams

Establishing, training, and growing teams that perform at peak performance is an art form. This program helps you cultivate the tools, vision, and skill to take your teams to the next level.

Vision Casting

We teach leaders how to present their vision in a way that captures the agreement, endorsement, and support of others. Our coaching on vision casting will help you achieve the greatness you've been seeking.

Networking & Relationships

Stop sitting in the corner hoping people will follow you. Learn how to make amazing connections and build valuable relationships. Our program "Propel" will launch you forward like never before.

Team Building

We know what it takes to grow a collection of employees into a team with diverse ideas and invested talent. We help you with this process and embrace the growth of your teams.

Executive Coaching

There is nothing more important than your brand. This program helps you discover the "who" of your business so you can gain customer loyalty, market share, and greater conversions.

where there is no vision...

the long winded version of "us"

You know how the saying above goes. Or, maybe you don’t. The proverb reads, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Is that what you want? You want the people to perish? Didn’t think so. Listen. You don’t now it all.

It’s something we have to tell Stefan all the time. LOL – But here’s the thing, great leaders already know this, and that’s what brought you to us. Well Aeonian Ovia has your answers!

We help leaders boost buy-in, strategize success, and develop engaged & agile teams that perform at the highest levels.

Some leaders are born, others are grown, but every leader needs cultivation. Our collection of coaching categories helps move leaders toward success even if you’ve BEEN doing this for years.

We promise our leadership coaching will change your life, AND help you to change the lives of so many others.

This was our long-winded way of saying, we’re awesome, we can help, and you should hit us up.  So scroll up and click the button.



Calculate Capacity

First we get educated on you, discovering what’s working, what’s not and where you want to be. After a quick 5-Star brand, to understand your identity, we then select the best position for you to expand.


Set the Vision

Next, we develop the roadmap for your vision and create an Elite strategy just for you. We stimulate thinking and activity towards big wins, connecting all the dots to aim you towards your top goals.


Measure Resources

Now, it’s time we take it all and determine, what it will actually take to make your vision a reality. In this part of the process, we give special attention to your systems, identify needs and opportunities.


Loop & Deliver

One last loop to make sure we’re on target, and it’s time to deliver! Here we ensure the foundation, set accountability, and ignite the fire. You’re released to #BE the what you’ve been called to #BEcome.

we are Joy & Stefan,
Co-founders of
aeonian ovia

Experience you can trust; service like nowhere else; your executive thought partners!

Imagine your favorite superhero is fighting the bad guys. He’s doing well, but he can’t quite defeat the evildoers. Then… plot twist!

Your OTHER favorite superhero swoops in to join the fight against the powers of destruction and malice. This is Aeonian Ovia! We are two super forces merging to liberate your business and lead you towards success.  All while making the world a better place.

Get Stefan's Latest Book
The Elite Eight

I got so tired of the gurus giving you the same, lame, 5-steps to success. I was completely OVER looking up everyday and seeing another book focused on practices that wouldn’t give you the depth you really needed for success.

This ain’t one of those books! I promise!

This book is a discourse on entrepreneurship that may seem alien compared to what you’ve been taught. It goes beyond the simple decision to be an entrepreneur and teaches you the eight essential principles, that guarantee you will win, EVERY TIME!!


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