Your Golden Moment is a strategically designed one-day business counseling and consulting conference, just for you and your team!

define your business strategy :: improve sales :: discover new opportunities
enhance your productivity :: grow your network :: influence your audience

No Tricks!  No Guru Speak!  This is YOUR moment to focus on your exact needs.

trusted by companies large and smalL FROM ALL OVER


The Golden Moment is a 6-hour business counseling and consulting session, designed specifically to kickstart your business initiatives.

Joy & Stefan will walk through the specific needs of your business and offer support with things like:

  • Enhancing your productivity by streamlining your systems
  • Clarifying your company brand to ensure you’re speaking the right message to the right audience
  • Sales training to increase your close rate
  • Implementing methodologies to build and empower teams
  • Creating a strategic plan to grow business profits
No matter where you are in business, your Golden Moment will amplify your efforts and ensure you reach your goals. Find the answers to questions you didn’t know you had. Sign up today!




Set the Vision

First we get educated on you and your business. What’s working? What’s not? Where do you want to be? Understanding your objectives, we create a strategy and review your brand so we can position your growth.


Measure Resources

Next, we develop the actual plan, a roadmap for to your vision to life. We measure resources to make sure you actually have what you need to succeed, then we stimulate thinking and activity towards big wins.


Action & Delivery

It’s time to DO THE HARD THING!!
In this part of the process, we give special attention to systems and accountability, identifying needs and opportunities as they arise. Here we launch the plan into action.


Looping / Feedback

Once we’re moving forward, Aeonian Ovia counselors conduct continuous looping to make sure we stay on target. This strategy of feedback and modification ensures we can respond to unexpected obstacles properly.

Making the most of their moment

Oksana Tademy

Owner, Legacy Lifestyle Branding Agency

“I did the Golden Moment and it was amazing! Stefan and Joy are the best! They will help you get your WHOLE business life together. What they have to offer is priceless and definitely worth the investment. I’m thoroughly impressed.”

Joy & Stefan, founders of
aeonian ovia

Your superheroes in business and entrepreneurship!

Imagine your favorite superhero is fighting the bad guys. He’s doing well, but he can’t quite defeat the evildoers. Then… plot twist!

Your OTHER favorite superhero swoops in to join the fight against the powers of destruction and malice. 

This is Aeonian Ovia! Super forces merging to liberate your business, lead you to success,  make the world a better place.


a Curated Experience

Working with us is just different. We help you move forward by infusing fun, artistry, and compassion into everything.

Growth Strategies

Brand reviews, expansion models, productivity roadmaps, and vision based strategies. Aeonian Ovia knows what it takes to grow.

Smart Sales Solutions

Get training on converting leads into dollars! Helping you take prospects on a journey that creates sales and loyalty is our aim.

Operational Blueprints

Learn what's needed to develop the people, processes, and technology necessary to run your business seamlessly.

a Brilliant Team

Degrees, Certifications, Experience, Six-Sigmas, we're pretty astute if you ask us. Now it's all directly at your service.

Continuous Support

You'll leave your Golden Moment with a full plan. Additionally, you'll be added to our Elite Circle for continued service and support.

“It’s when personality shines through our businesses that we can really find our prefect customer and offer high value to our clients.”

Joy Saunders

Co-founder, Principal Consultant



regular price $2999 – special reduced rate for a limited time only

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Golden Moment consultation is scheduled for 6 Hours. However, we don’t clock watch! We will never abruptly end a Golden Moment because we have reached the time limit.

Because of the nature of a full-day conference, all Golden Moment consultations are in-person only. If necessary travel costs will be invoiced to clients.

Everyone walks away from their Golden Moment with a full plan to move forward. Additionally, we provide access to The Elite Circle for continued service, support, and education from Aeonian Ovia.

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