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Business Counseling Services

Running a business is daunting, PERIOD. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process. And while everyone out there claims to know how to make it easy, Aeonian Ovia experts realize success is only found when we ask the right questions. Luckily, we’re fantastic at that.

Aeonian Ovia counselors possess distinct wisdom around the psychology of business. Our experts understand why people say yes, how to overcome the obstacles most businesses encounter, and what ultimately drives success.

In your business counseling sessions, our consultants will walk with your team through each aspect of your business. Our goal is to identify growth opportunities, discover operational gaps, and clarify your best road forward.

Aeonian Ovia will walk with you, creating roadmaps that lead to more productivity, higher profits, and greater influence.

Some of our Focal Points in Business Counseling

Strategic Vision/Planning

Your company's vision and plan are two separate things, and your business needs BOTH. Aeonian Ovia counselors help your team see the finish line (vision) and determine how to get there (plan).

5-Star Brand Program

There is nothing more important than your brand. This program helps you discover the "who" of your business so you can gain customer loyalty, market share, and greater conversions.

Business Operations

A company’s operations is their backbone for growth. Our business counseling sessions include operations analyses, as well as recommendations in systems, strategy, processes, and talent.

Perfecting Your Pricing

We take time to help you determine value positioning, establish competitive market pricing, create winning proposals, and much more. If you face issues finding your sweet spot, we fix this.





Set the Vision

First we get educated on you and your business. What’s working? What’s not? Where do you want to be? Understanding your objectives, we create a strategy and review your brand so we can position your growth.


Measure Resources

Next, we develop the actual plan, a roadmap for to your vision to life. We measure resources to make sure you actually have what you need to succeed, then we stimulate thinking and activity towards big wins.


Action & Delivery

It’s time to DO THE HARD THING!!
In this part of the process, we give special attention to systems and accountability, identifying needs and opportunities as they arise. Here we launch the plan into action.


Looping / Feedback

Once we’re moving forward, Aeonian Ovia counselors conduct continuous looping to make sure we stay on target. This strategy of feedback and modification ensures we can respond to unexpected obstacles properly.

take a peek behind the curtain...

Why Start a Business

Starting a business has become the new and trendy “thing” for people to do. But how do we know if we are starting a business for the right reasons? Your reason for starting your business can determine your success. This video helps you ensure your startup is strategic.

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This is Aeonian Ovia! Super forces merging to liberate your business, lead you to success,  make the world a better place.

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