branding is more than your logo

Every consulting firm and business coach has developed their own idea of what branding is. Well, we did to! LOL
At Aeonian Ovia, we recognized that branding is the image, perception, and personality of your organization. Considering these three elements helps your company’s identity stand out.

marketing joins the convo

Our marketing mantra is “Join the conversation that’s already happening in their head.” Utilizing this strategy we are able to grow interest in your products/services.


The 5-Star Brand Program

There is nothing more important than your brand. This program helps you discover the "who" of your business so you can gain customer loyalty, market share, and greater conversions.

Marketing Strategy Development

Too many treat marketing like a project. We see marketing as an art form. In this, we accentuate the creative and the strategic to ensure awareness, trust, and conversions for your business.

The Digital Marketing Health Check

Sometimes we need help seeing beyond ourselves. Our health checks are an analysis of your digital standing. Get suggestions on your site, social, content, email marketing, and more...


We train teams in the one surefire way to propel your business to the next level... building great relationships through networking. Every team needs this 6-step strategy.

Image, Perception, & Personality...

We believe a brand is created from the bottom up, not the top down. This means when we help you develop your brand we put the company values first and foremost. From there we focus on the image you want to portray, how you want that image to be perceived by others, and the personality of your brand that will express it all. Our goal is to properly convey how your business thinks, acts, talks, looks, and moves.

Aeonian Ovia's
5-Star Brand Program

This 5-Stage program helps you discover “who” you are as a business, identifies your perfect customer, and builds messaging to lead your prospects to say “yes” to your offerings. Sign up today!



Calculate Capacity

First we get educated on you, discovering what’s working, what’s not and where you want to be. After a quick 5-Star brand, to understand your identity, we then select the best position for you to expand.


Set the Vision

Next, we develop the roadmap for your vision and create an Elite strategy just for you. We stimulate thinking and activity towards big wins, connecting all the dots to aim you towards your top goals.


Measure Resources

Now, it’s time we take it all and determine, what it will actually take to make your vision a reality. In this part of the process, we give special attention to your systems, identify needs and opportunities.


Loop & Deliver

One last loop to make sure we’re on target, and it’s time to deliver! Here we ensure the foundation, set accountability, and ignite the fire. You’re released to #BE the what you’ve been called to #BEcome.

Aeonian Ovia
by the numbers

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” – Steve Jobs

We are so proud of all the lives we’ve influenced to #BE and BEcome their authentic selves. We specialize in helping our clients embrace their ability to be creative, strategic, and distinct. This is the Aeonian Ovia difference.


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