Working with Aeonian Ovia is like getting coaching and consulting from your favorite cousins.

(your incredibly dope, super fly, near genius cousins)

More than that, we are the help you’ve been waiting for and the right push to help you see success!

Our Experience

For years the team at Aeonian Ovia has been supporting businesses and communities as they navigate what’s next. With 40+ years of consulting experience, we have crafted a suite of first-class products and services that help you see results quickly.


Artists also have a special place in our hearts, as we’ve spent years coaching and consulting all aspects of artistry. Whether the medium is canvas, wood, or photography Joy & Stefan focus on helping artists get exposure and sales.


Whether you’re looking for assistance with startup operations, leadership training, diversity, or client connections, we’ve got wisdom and know-how your efforts need.

Our Difference

At Aeonian Ovia We Illuminate the Creative and the Strategic…

This is how we Breathe Life into businesses. We believe the greatest results come from challenging conventional thinking, and promoting innovation and expression at all levels.


No matter if your goal is to increase sales, achieve specific goals, create a movement, or even change the landscape of an entire industry, Aeonian Ovia is your guide along the road to success.


Our active and engaging brand of consulting is enlightening and ground breaking. Yes, those are some big claims, but we back them up!

** I Could Not Be More Impressed **

“Aeonian Ovia brings a lot to the table. They do outstanding work and are amazingly creative. Our strategy was planned, designed, and executed in less than a month. I want this team working for me, and so should you!”

Dale Forbis, Program Director - Salem Communications

View the Aeonian Ovia Story

Witness the unity of two visions. Discover how Stefan and Joy came together to create an everlasting portrait.

Aeonian Ovia is specially designed to help create movements, increase sales, achieve strategic goals, impact lives, and change the landscape of your entire industry.  With more than 30 years experience, Stefan and Joy are ready to help you shift your business, your life, your community, and artistry.






Success happens when our clients embrace their ability to be creative, strategic, and distinct.  Aeonian Ovia brings these qualities to life in your business.

Reclaim Your Time

Spend more time focused on the pulse of your business!  From projects to people, Aeonian Ovia helps you create a framework for success.

Uncover Your Superhero

It’s time to discover your superpowers!  Aeonian Ovia has produced many championship moments.  Together we will overcome any obstacle in your way.

Color Outside the Lines

Our approach allows your team’s creativity to flourish.  Set yourself apart, while we blueprint the steps to victory for you.

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With over 16 years of experience moving organizations towards success, Aeonian Ovia provides an innovative twist to conventional consulting.

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Planning & Strategy

Discover resources, strengthen operations, and align your direction, Aeonian Ovia makes the difference.

Community Solutions

We take the time to identify clear-cut solutions by tapping the expression and imagination of the customer.

Branding / Marketing

Set the perception and personality of your business, allowing Aeonian Ovia to expand your reach and connection.

Artist Coaching

Fast forward your success! Our coaching helps you clarify goals, set a culture, and uncover your gifts.



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